Hire talent

Hire standout candidates by discovering their unique talents and potential using our predictive talent assessments. Recruit diverse people who bring fresh perspectives and original thinking to your organization.

To support talent hiring and retention we offer a variety of solutions including:

Defining and improving your talent attraction strategy

Clarifying talent needs, ‘gaps’ and plans to hire critical talent

Competency and talent frameworks and mapping

Leader and emerging leader assessment and selection

Interview skills training for managers

Science-based hiring

Our science-based approach starts with defining what excellence looks like in roles you are looking to fill, as well as clarifying team and culture fit/add requirements. At this stage, we build a clear understanding of the client’s strategy, culture, and additional talent goals such as diversity and inclusion objectives.

Using these insights, we design a tailored assessment and selection process measuring how effective candidates are likely to be in the role and organization, both now and in the future.

Reinventing competency interviews

Combined with the TalentPredix™ assessment, our PEARL Interview™ process (Problem/Situation, Energy, Action, Results, Learning) examines four vital success factors required for excellence: Talents, Career Motivations, Values Fit and Learning Agility.

We also offer ability testing, situational judgement tests and work simulations to provide clients with pragmatic and accurate insights to make effective recruitment and succession decisions.