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London (November 2023) — TalentPredix™ is delighted to announce that it is launching in Scandinavia through a partnership with Gudman Leadership. TalentPredix, an innovative next generation strengths assessment system, provides a comprehensive measure of people’s unique talents, career motivations and values. It transforms the way clients hire, develop, and engage talent, enabling businesses to improve talent outcomes and unleash the full strengths and potential of their people. 

“As a coach and a seasoned International Talent and Leadership Professional, I firmly believe in building diverse, inclusive and high performing cultures. I help people play to their strengths, unlock their greatest potential, and drive growth by creating caring and sustainable teams” says Marlene Gudman, founder of Gudman Leadership and continues, “The future of leadership is all about building relationships and creating a place, where people belong. In this process, it is essential to have an assessment tool that covers the employee life cycle, identify people’s strengths, motivations and values and is based on substantial research. I am very excited to introduce TalentPredix to Scandinavia and I have already had some amazing feedback from new and existing clients, especially when working with diversity.” 

James Brook, founder and CEO of TalentPredix™, comments: “The way we work is changing faster than ever, yet most workplace assessment tools haven’t kept pace with these changes. It is the ability to uncover a candidate’s unique talents, career motivations and values that sets TalentPredix™ apart and suits modern thinking around amplifying individuality and strengths in the workplace. When organizations understand and optimize people’s unique talents and strengths, their results and capacity to transform the success of the organization are significantly multiplied and sustainable. Having spent several happy years living in Denmark when working for Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals in a corporate Talent and Leadership role earlier in my career, I am excited to be partnering with Marlene and her team to grow our business in Scandinavia.” 

TalentPredix™ can be used in different stages of the employee life cycle, from recruitment and team building to career development and preparing people for future roles. Spotlighting strengths and bringing out the best in people enables them to thrive, accelerates performance and delivers better business results. Applied organization-wide, the assessment and strengths-based talent solutions help businesses to optimize their employees’ strengths and create diverse, high-performing sustainable teams and workplaces. 

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Marlene Gudman, Gudman Leadership 




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TalentPredix™ captures individuality and potential, enabling organizations to hire exceptional candidates and build inclusive teams.

TalentPredix™ helps employers discover exceptional hires and unlock the unique talents of employees and teams.

James Brook, a pioneer of strengths-based assessment and development and leading business psychologist, unveils the next generation of assessment technology TalentPredix™. Together with an expert team of psychologists, Brook has created this new approach to talent assessment to support recruitment, individual and team development, and employee engagement in today’s rapidly evolving working environment.  

At the cutting edge of psychometric assessment, TalentPredix™ provides a powerful 3-D assessment of candidates and employees, identifying their unique combination of talents, career motivations and personal values. This multiplies the predictive power and performance outcomes for employers. TalentPredix™ challenges current approaches which categorize candidates and employees using broad and imprecise labels, focusing instead on their unique talents and individuality. Organizations can harness the insight to hire exceptional people who possess the talents, motivations and values to thrive and enhance company culture, not just fit in. Together with proprietary training and talent coaching, insights from TalentPredix™ support employees to perform at their best and develop their full potential. TalentPredix™ also aids people to think differently about weaker areas enabling them to overcome performance limiters and boost their learning.   

Ongoing research, machine learning and benchmarking against peer data means the tool will also predict how successful individuals will be in specific roles. This predictive view enables organizations to improve the way they recruit candidates and create long-term talent management strategies, strengthening development programmes and succession plans.  

James Brook, creator of TalentPredix™, comments:

“The way we work is changing faster than ever, yet most workplace assessment tools haven’t kept up with the pace. TalentPredix™ moves away from labelling people as broad “types”, which over-simplifies personality and overlooks the important role personal motivations and values play in determining behaviour. It is the ability to uncover  a candidate’s uniqueness that sets TalentPredix™ apart and suits modern-thinking around amplifying individuality and diversity in the workplace.  

TalentPredix™ can be used in different stages of the employee life cycle, from recruitment and team building to leadership development and preparing people for future roles. The assessment can also attract talent; employees are increasingly looking to work for an employer that understands and supports their personal values and wellbeing as much as their career development. Bringing out the best in people enables them to thrive, accelerates performance and encourages collaboration. Applied organization-wide, the results help businesses to combine unique talents and create cognitively diverse, high-performing teams.” 

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