We are facing increasingly uncertain and fast-moving times. It is becoming more important than ever to plan your career, not just to prepare yourself to take advantage of job roles and opportunities that come your way. But also, to ensure your talents, skills and know-how remain relevant, up-to-date, and visible.

This workbook contains a variety of exercises to help you plan and progress your career. These will also help you build career resilience and remain career fit for the future. To get the most out of the process, we strongly recommend you discuss the output of these exercises with an experienced career coach or mentor.

About the Author

Paula is a Psychometrician, Business Psychologist and certified NeuroLeadership Coach. Over the last decade, she has worked as a consultant to help organizations thrive and as a coach to help individuals reach their untapped potential.

Paula has accumulated a considerable wealth of experience in people assessment and development. She has worked with people at all business levels, from companies all over the world (such as Africa, the UK, Middle East, and Asia), as well as across many industries (from telecommunications to banking, mining, insurance, finance, and academia).

She loves facilitating workshops and using assessments to support companies in the full employee life cycle from recruitment and development to planning for the future. Her mission is to help people live more effective, more fulfilled, and happier lives.