We asked our Client Success Consultant, Jasmine Kumar, a few questions so you can get to know her better.

What is the biggest highlight of your working life?

It would have to be joining TalentPredix Ltd. This has been such an exciting experience for me, coming into a new industry and learning a new range of skills. I also get to do what I’m passionate about and what I enjoy doing, and that is building new relationships, meeting new people, and helping people from all walks of life.

What does great talent management mean to you?

Identifying, developing, and optimizing exceptional talent with the strengths, energy, and capabilities that can enable an organization to thrive and evolve. Great talent management is creating sustainable growth and thriving workplaces.

Who has inspired you most in your career?

My friends and family played a really big role in my career, I’ve always been around ambitious, intelligent, and hardworking people, and they’ve been a huge inspiration for me. My mum has always challenged me to go beyond my limits and take risks. They’ve all shown me so much support and guidance and I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today without them.

What energizes you most about your work?

Helping people and helping organizations to thrive is very important and fulfilling to me. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and learnings with others and really making a difference. The team is also incredibly supportive, and I feel like I am always growing and learning more around them. Being around such talented and highly motivated people brings me lots of energy and enjoyment.

How do you relax outside work?

I enjoy going to the gym and staying active, it helps me unwind and keep my mind focused. I also enjoy being social, I always spend my free time with family and friends.

What do you like most about working at TalentPredix Ltd? 

Out of the many great aspects of working at TalentPredix Ltd, I believe having variety in my work is my favourite. I enjoy working with every new opportunity that comes our way and being involved in different aspects of the company. I value learning, so being part of such a young and dynamic company is very rewarding for me.