London (September 2022) – TalentPredix Ltd is delighted to announce that it is launching in the Middle East through a partnership with Resilient WorkForce ME. TalentPredix™, an innovative next-generation strengths assessment system, provides a comprehensive measure of people’s unique talents, strengths, and potential. It transforms the way clients hire, develop, and engage talent, enabling businesses to improve talent outcomes and unleash the full potential of their people.

“As a psychologist and coach, it is crucial for me to have an assessment tool that I can use throughout the employee lifecycle and is based on thorough research and the latest science. I am very excited to be introducing TalentPredix™ to the Middle East and have already had some amazing feedback from existing clients. Clients will be able to support their employees with the use of a single tool, which is both time and cost-efficient. TalentPredix™ is a tool that not only assesses talents but also an individual’s values and career drivers. This unique combination will help my clients with recruitment, talent development and retention. It is user-friendly and helps people to use their talents more efficiently and effectively. This strengths-based assessment will transform the way we recruit, develop, coach and work with talent in the Middle East.” says Agata Perepeczko, founder of Resilient WorkForce ME.

James Brook, founder and CEO of TalentPredix™, comments: “The way we work is changing faster than ever, yet most workplace assessment tools haven’t kept pace with these changes. The ability to uncover a candidate’s unique talents and strengths is what sets TalentPredix™ apart and suits modern thinking around amplifying individuality and strengths in the workplace. When organizations understand and optimize people’s unique talents and strengths, their results and capacity to transform the success of the organization are significantly multiplied.”

TalentPredix™ can be used in different stages of the employee life cycle, from recruitment and team building to career development and preparing people for future roles. Bringing out the best in people enables them to thrive, accelerates performance and encourages collaboration. Applied organization-wide, the results help businesses to combine unique talents and create cognitively diverse high-performing teams and workplaces.

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