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[PAST EVENT] Achieving Business Excellence and Thriving Careers

James Brook

  • FREE
  • 09/11/2022
  • 14:00pm - 15:15pm BST (1 hour 15 mins)

In a world of work changing faster than ever, we need radically different ways of hiring, developing, engaging, and mobilizing people. Understanding people’s talents and getting the best from them is vital to making sure your business succeeds in this complex and challenging environment.

During this interactive webinar, James Brook, Founder and MD of TalentPredix™ and Paula Baetu, Director of Operations and Psychometrics, will explore new ways of assessing talent that are based on understanding the uniqueness in individuals rather than classifying them into overly simplistic personality types.

As well as enabling better hiring decisions, these innovative techniques built on the latest behavioural science unlock diverse and inclusive workplaces and help employees optimize their performance, potential and adaptability.

We will explore:

  • Major trends shaping talent assessment and development.
  • Why traditional approaches to personality testing are inadequate for the new world of work.
  • New forms of assessment shaped by the latest breakthroughs in behavioural science and smart technology.
  • How TalentPredix™ can help uncover and empower people’s unique talents, motivations, and values.

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