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TalentPredix Strengths Discovery Taster Session

James Brook

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Free Strengths Discovery Taster Sessions for HR, People & L&D Professionals and Coaches

Join our 60-minute Strengths Discovery and Thriving sessions and learn about your unique strengths, career motivations and values. We run these sessions once a month and every person signing up gets a complimentary TalentPredix™ strengths assessment. Sign up to discover how to thrive in your career by optimizing your strengths and best self.

As a next-generation strengths assessment, TalentPredix™ helps people understand their career motivations, values, and strengths. It also provides people with in-depth insights about overused behaviours that can sabotage their performance when they are using their strengths too much or in the wrong way.


Who this session is for:

This session is specifically designed for HR/people & talent professionals, OD & career specialists, as well as business, leadership, strengths and career coaches.


What this session covers:

As well as providing you with insights about your talents/strengths, career motivations and values, this session will explain how TalentPredix™ can help:

  • Identify your employee’s/client’s unique strengths, motivations, and values so they can be matched with roles, projects and career opportunities that bring out the best in them.
  • Develop and optimize their strengths, motivations, and values to accelerate their success, engagement, and career growth.
  • Coach others to overcome weaknesses and behaviours that limit their performance.
  • Elevate your strengths and coaching skills and learn how to use your strengths and individuality to improve your effectiveness.



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