TalentPredix™ Assessment

Achieve better assessment outcomes for recruitment, development, leadership, performance management and teambuilding.

Our powerful 3-D assessment approach multiplies the predictive power and performance outcomes for employers.

TalentPredix™ uses the latest assessment technology and behavioural science to identify people’s standout talents and factors that enable them to be at their best. 

Rather than describing people using imprecise, over-simplified labels, TalentPredix™ emphasizes the uniqueness of each person’s talents, career drivers and values. This unlocks exceptional people outcomes and inclusive workplaces.

TalentPredix™ offers an assessment experience that is:

Insightful and actionable

By completing the assessment, candidates and other respondents will gain useful and actionable insights to optimize their performance and potential.

Inclusive and team-oriented

Recognizing the diversity of human talents, motivations, and qualities behind successful organizations, TalentPredix™ emphasizes the importance of inclusive and team-based approaches to work.

Backed by science

The assessment measures key factors that predict standout performance and career success. It is accurate and backed by the latest behavioural science into success and thriving at work.

Built for everyone

Our assessment and development solutions are straightforward, down-to-earth, and easy to apply. You don’t need to be a psychology geek or professor to interpret our profiles!

Thinking differently to overcome performance limiters and weaknesses

TalentPredix™ helps people think differently about their performance limiters, including weaker areas and overused talents. By enabling them to reduce any overused talents and applying powerful new ways to help them in areas of weakness, TalentPredix™ unlocks new thinking and positive change.