Thriving Careers

Help people make better career choices, navigate fast change, and achieve excellence by optimizing their talents, strengths, and potential.

One of the best ways to show that you value your people is by helping them to thrive in their careers and realize their full potential.

As well as enabling you to attract and retain the best talent, this will also unlock higher levels of motivation, innovation, agility and performance for your organization.

Strengths Profiling and Career Development Programs

Empower your people to discover their strengths, create and implement high-quality PDPs and thrive in their careers. We offer 3 high-value and affordable Career Development Programs: Starter, Essential and Premium to cater to organizations with different needs. Each program is carefully crafted to provide your organization with the training, tools, and skills to empower your employees to thrive in their careers and achieve greater, self-awareness, self-mastery, and success.

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  • TalentPredix self-assessment to help people discover and optimize their talents
  • Motivating keynote presentations 
  • Learning Agility and Learner Mindset workshops
  • Assessment centres for high-potentials and key internal talent
  • Thriving at work surveys


  • Thriving in Your Career™ Program for employees
  • Leadership transition and first 100-days coaching 
  • Outplacement coaching
  • Peer coaching groups
  • Volunteering and action learning projects to enable people to upskill, reskill, and expand their thinking 
  • Early careers and graduate development programs


  • Skills and talent mapping and gap analysis
  • Flexible career pathways
  • Agile job design architecture
  • Succession and hi-potential plans and programs 
  • Pre-boarding and onboarding programs 
  • Career pathfinder tools


  • Training for leaders and managers on how to effectively coach and lead career conversations
  • Mentor programs, training, and tools
  • Coaching support for managers and leaders from our expert team of strengths and talent coaches

All our solutions are customized to the client’s requirements

We always go the extra mile to ensure our programs and learning experiences are highly engaging, relevant, practical, and actionable. Most can be delivered as in-person, virtual or hybrid programs