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    TalentPredix™ Practitioner Training (Public Program)

    Become qualified in TalentPredix™ to empower people to find meaningful work, optimize their development and improve their overall employee experience.

    What the session covers:

    • Learn about the Talent Success Equation™, the essential factors that drive excellence at work and how to empower people to unlock their best self.
    • Explore the science behind TalentPredix™ and how it can be used to improve outcomes across many HR areas, including hiring, people development, teambuilding and change management.
    • Become proficient in interpreting the TalentPredix™ profile and using it to bring about positive change.
    • Discover your own talents, career drivers and values to boost your effectiveness, confidence, and relationships.
    • Acquire skills to help people tackle their weaknesses and performance risks in a way that reduces defensiveness and accelerates change.
    • Practice giving constructive and appreciative feedback with the TalentPredix™ profile.
    • FREE
    • 10/02/2022
    • 15:00pm - 16:30pm BST (1 hour 30 mins)
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    Delivering exceptional employee experiences

    Improving employee experiences to enable better people and business outcomes is becoming a top priority for most HR functions. However, employee experience is still poorly understood and research-based techniques to improve employee experience are still in short supply. 

    What the session covers:

    • What employee experience is and why it is becoming a top HR and talent management priority
    • Enablers and blockers of an exceptional employee experiences
    • Some of the latest research-based techniques to accelerate employee experience
    • FREE
    • 16/03/2022
    • 15:00pm - 16:30pm BST (1 hour 30 mins)
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    Discovering and optimizing the talents of your employees

    In a fast-changing and unpredictable business environment, discovering people’s talents and getting the best from them is vital to ensure your business delivers its people strategy and goals. 

    What the session covers:

    • The latest techniques and innovations to improve HR outcomes and employee experiences
    • How to select the most suitable work-based assessments for your HR and business needs
    • Building a more inclusive and diverse workforce using the latest advances in assessment
    • Techniques to optimize the talents of your people and teams 
    • FREE
    • 19/01/2022
    • 15:00pm - 16:00pm BST (1 hour )
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    Achieving business excellence and thriving careers: unlocking unique talents

    In a world of work changing faster than ever, we need radically different ways of hiring, developing, engaging, and mobilizing people. Understanding people’s talents and getting the best from them is vital to making sure your business succeeds in this complex and challenging environment.

    What the session covers:

    • Major trends shaping talent assessment and development.
    • Why traditional approaches to personality testing are inadequate for the new world of work.
    • New forms of assessment shaped by the latest breakthroughs in behavioural science and smart technology.
    • How TalentPredix™ can help uncover and empower people’s unique talents, motivations, and values.