Hire talent

Improve how you hire and progress talent with insightful assessments that identify diverse people with the strengths, capabilities, and potential to thrive.

Solutions we offer to attract, select, and recruit exceptional and diverse talent include:

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Talent attraction and retention strategies

Talent reviews to clarify gaps and map future needs (incl. DEI targets)

Competency and strengths frameworks

Assessment centres for leaders and key talent

Strengths-based interview skills training

Use behavioural science to transform hiring

Using our behavioural science expertise, we clarify what excellence looks like in the roles you are looking to fill. We build a clear understanding of your talent requirements and priorities, including the diversity and inclusion goals you’re looking to achieve.

Using these insights, we design a custom assessment and selection process to deliver exceptional people with the strengths, capabilities and motivational fit to succeed in the role and organization.

Improve hiring outcomes with strengths-based interviewing

Our strengths-based PEARL Interview™ method improves interview outcomes and the overall candidate experience. It measures four critical success factors: Strengths, Career Motivations, Values Fit and Learning Agility. Interviews can be delivered online or in person.

To predict performance and potential more accurately, we combine strengths-based interviews with pre-employment tests including:

  • Personality and strengths assessments
  • Ability tests
  • Situational judgement tests
  • Work simulations


We also offer strengths-based interview training to improve the capability of in-house recruiters, hiring managers and agency recruiters. This training can be provided as a standalone program or combined with our powerful TalentPredix™ strengths assessment.

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