Unleashing exceptional talent and thriving careers to deliver sustainable growth and outstanding places to work.

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TalentPredix™ offers a talent assessment experience that is:

About TalentPredix™

Insightful and actionable

By completing the assessment, candidates and other respondents will gain useful and actionable insights to optimize their performance and potential.

Inclusive and team-oriented

Recognizing the diversity of human talents, motivations, and qualities behind successful organizations, TalentPredix™ emphasizes the importance of inclusive and team-based approaches to work.

Backed by science

This powerful psychometric assessment measures key factors that predict standout performance and career success. It is accurate and backed by the latest behavioural science.

Built for everyone

Our talent assessment and development solutions are straightforward, down-to-earth, and easy to apply. You don’t need to be a psychology geek or professor to interpret our profiles!

Our team of business psychologists, talent consultants and coaches apply deep expertise and behavioural science to identify, develop and optimize trailblazing talent.

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Hire Talent

Improve the quality of your hires by discovering their unique talents, motivations, and values. Achieve a great match between candidates’ talents and potential and your business needs.

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Develop Talent

Accelerate learning, performance, and change-readiness by helping people develop their talents and thrive in their careers.

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Optimize Teams

Build high-performing and inclusive teams that optimize the unique talents of team members to overcome problems, navigate change and achieve exceptional results.

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Accelerate Progress

Accelerate progress and results by creating a dynamic and engaging workplace that empowers people to achieve their full potential by promoting collaboration, learning, innovation, and performance.

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Become qualified to use TalentPredix™ with our highly practical and engaging training

Our certification training will enable you to apply TalentPredix™ effectively to achieve better people and business outcomes.

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