TalentPredix™, the next generation talent and strengths assessment system, transforms the way you hire, develop, and engage people

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Unlock exceptional talent

Provide accurate and actionable insights that help you hire, develop, and engage exceptional talent.

Promote diversity

Promote diversity and inclusion by focusing on people’s unique strengths and differences.

Accelerate learning

Accelerate learning and engagement by identifying the work and development opportunities that are motivating for people.

Develop change capabilities

Develop people’s resilience and capabilities to navigate change by optimizing their strengths and self-mastery habits.

Overcome performance limiters

Empower people with positive and creative strategies to overcome weaknesses and other performance limiters.

Transform talent results

Save time and money with this versatile and user-friendly assessment that transforms talent management results.

Using behavioural science, we identify, develop and optimize exceptional talent and build thriving workplaces to accelerate business success.


Hire Talent

Hire exceptional and diverse people with the strengths, capabilities and potential to succeed and grow your business.

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Develop Talent

Develop people’s talents, capabilities and learning agility to achieve peak performance, upskill for the future and enhance career progression.

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Optimize Teams

Build high-performing, diverse and inclusive teams that overcome challenges, navigate change and achieve exceptional results.

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Accelerate Progress

Accelerate progress by building thriving workplaces that empower people to optimize their strengths, performance and career success.

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Become a certified TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner

Expand your strengths assessment and coaching skills by signing up for our flexible training.

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