Our next-generation strengths assessment system, TalentPredix™ transforms the way you recruit, develop, and engage people and promotes:

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Talented new hires and employees who fit the role, team, and culture

Greater workplace diversity and inclusivity

Faster learning, adaptation, and upskilling

Improved employee self-mastery, collaboration, and initiative

Meaningful career development and progression

A thriving, great place to work and higher employee retention

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Become a qualified TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner and empower people to optimize their strengths, performance, and career success. 

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Our solutions empower people and organizations to thrive by optimizing their strengths, potential and success.

Hire Talent

Improve how you hire and progress talent with insightful assessments that identify diverse people with the strengths, capabilities, and potential to thrive.

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Develop Talent

Develop people’s talents, capabilities and learning agility to achieve peak performance, upskill for the future and enhance career progression.

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Optimize Teams

Build high-performing, diverse and inclusive teams that overcome challenges, navigate change and achieve exceptional results.

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Accelerate Progress

Build a thriving place to work, agile career pathways and outstanding leadership to enable people to optimize their strengths, potential and career progress.

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