Accelerate Progress

Build a thriving place to work, agile career pathways and outstanding leadership to enable people to optimize their strengths, potential and career progress.

Solutions we offer to accelerate change and create thriving workplaces include:

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Culture and values assessment and mapping

Culture and values workshops and change projects

Programs to build thriving, great places to work

Agile job design and flexible career pathways

Career development programs, career coaching and mentoring

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Build thriving workplaces

Thriving workplaces offer physical and psychological safety, a strong sense of belonging, empowerment to achieve great results and opportunities to grow and progress.

We accelerate change and build thriving workplaces by:

  • Designing and delivering team and organization-wide change interventions using Appreciative Inquiry and other positive change methods
  • Conducting culture and values workshops to clarify our client’s desired culture and deliver great places to work
  • Unlocking employees’ ideas and innovation with design thinking and creative problem-solving
  • Supporting clients with the people and culture aspects of re-organizations, digital transformation, acquisitions, mergers, and other major change programs

Empower people to thrive in their career

One of the best ways to show that you value your people is by helping them to thrive in their careers and realize their full potential.

As well as enabling you to attract and retain the best talent, this will also unlock higher levels of motivation, innovation, agility, and performance for your organization.

Our Thriving Careers™ solutions include:

  • TalentPredix™ self-assessment to help people discover and optimize their talents
  • Thriving in Your Career™ development program for employees
  • Leadership transition and onboarding coaching
  • Designing agile job design architecture and flexible career pathways
  • Training for leaders and managers on how to coach and lead career conversations
  • Mentor and mentee programs, training, and tools
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