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[PAST EVENT] Using TalentPredix™ to hire and onboard talent

Paula Baetu

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This session takes place on the 8th November from 3-4:30PM BST.

This masterclass is designed for any current licensed TalentPredix Practitioner looking to further develop their knowledge and skills around using the TalentPredix™ assessment and strengths-based approaches in practice.

These sessions will:

  • Embed learnings from the TalentPredix™ Training
  • Help you apply TalentPredix™ to different talent and HR applications, including hiring, team effectiveness, organizational change, career advancement and talent development
  • Provide you with additional resources and tools that can help you to deliver world-class solutions to your clients
  • Support community connection and sharing

The Using TalentPredix™ to hire and onboard talent Masterclass will cover:

  • Using strength-based assessment to improve hiring, motivation and retention
  • Lessons learned from client case studies
  • Hiring principles that markedly improve the hiring process
  • How effective onboarding and transitions play a key role in engaging and retaining talent
  • The steps you can take to help retain your top talent in their critical first year