TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioners

Become a TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner and gain access to an award-winning strengths assessment profiler.

As TalentPredix™ is a pioneering strengths profiler that uses the latest science and techniques, we require practitioners to be properly trained and certified.

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TalentPredix™ unlocks the full potential of your people and positive, thriving workplaces.

Once you have been trained, you will be ready to administer, interpret and debrief the TalentPredix™ Strengths Assessment to improve hiring, talent development, team effectiveness, career advancement, and promote a great work culture.

Who is the training for

Anyone working with people to help them optimize their strengths and potential will benefit, including:

  • HR, Talent, and L&D professionals
  • Recruiters (internal and agency)
  • Business and leadership coaches
  • Career development professionals
  • Team facilitators

Online Public Programs

Join a public program with participants from different organizations. Your training experience includes pre-work, a full-day online workshop, practice, and a half-day online follow-up session.

See our upcoming training dates and pricing.

In-Company Customized Programs

Request an in-company training program for 5-15 participants in your organization.

In-company training programs includes pre-work, a full-day workshop, practice, and a half-day online follow-up session.

Before the program, we conduct an in-depth discovery to understand your business and talent objectives. This approach ensures the training is tailored precisely to meet your unique needs.

What’s included?

TalentPredix Talent and strengths assessment client practitioner training iamge

Access to the world’s most advanced strengths assessment platform

A personalized TalentPredix™ Certificate

Your own TalentPredix™ profile plus two additional assessments for practice

License to use the TalentPredix™ online system enabling you to manage your assessment projects

Membership of our global TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner Community

Continuing professional development, including masterclasses and knowledge exchange events

Join our Global Practitioner Community

We’re dedicated to fostering a vibrant global network of TalentPredix™ Practitioners, designed to enhance learning, foster connections, and encourage meaningful discussions. We warmly invite all new Practitioners to become part of our Global TalentPredix™ Practitioner Community. As members, you’ll have the opportunity to attend regular masterclasses and knowledge-sharing events. Additionally, you’ll gain access to a carefully selected collection of articles, tools for strengths and talent development, and other invaluable resources.

Hear from our Practitioners

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply request a demo or arrange to speak to one of our consultants by clicking here.

The programs are similar. However, the in-company option is typically customized to the specific requirements, context, and strategies of each corporate client.

We adhere to well-established British Psychological Society standards regarding psychological test design and application. To uphold these standards and ensure the professional use of our advanced strengths assessment, we require everyone to be trained and certified in TalentPredix™. Even if you are already trained to use other personality or strengths assessments, we require you to complete the training. This is because the research, concepts, and way TalentPredix™ is applied are different from other assessment tools.

Contact us at info@talentpredix.com and we’ll do our best to find an alternative date that works for you. Please note that this may mean a 1-1 or small group training session so the training costs could be higher.

Yes, you will be able to self-manage and control your assessment projects once your training is satisfactorily completed and you are certified as a TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner. Our support team will of course be there to help if you have any questions or get stuck with anything.

Our support team are always happy to help with queries about how to use the strengths assessment platform, including how to set up and manage projects. This support will typically not cost you extra. However, our managed service option (full end-to-end management of your assessment projects) and other time-consuming bespoke support will incur additional costs.

Yes, our Support Team offer a bureau service and can manage your projects if you don’t have time to do this yourself. However, please note that there will be an additional charge for this managed service option. Please contact us at info@talentpredix.com for more details.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.