TalentPredix™ Strengths Assessment

Transform the way you hire, develop and engage people with the TalentPredix™ next generation strengths assessment.

Our powerful next generation strengths assessment improves talent outcomes, including diversity, engagement, learning and positive change.

TalentPredix™ uses the latest behavioural science to identify people’s defining strengths and how these can be applied to achieve peak performance and engagement. 

TalentPredix™ captures the uniqueness of each person’s strengths, career motivations and values. This unlocks exceptional talent outcomes and thriving workplaces.

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TalentPredix Best Self DNA Diagram

TalentPredix™, the next-generation strengths assessment system, unlocks the combined strengths and potential of your people and delivers:

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Discover how TalentPredix™ improves hiring, development, and engagement outcomes by watching the video below:
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Talented new hires and employees who fit the role, team, and culture

Identify people with the strengths, motivations, and potential to succeed (now and in future) and contribute to a great place to work.

Greater workplace diversity and inclusivity

Build inclusive teams and a thriving work culture by valuing and optimizing your people’s diverse strengths, skills, and collective ideas.

Faster learning, adaptation, and upskilling

Align development opportunities with your people’s unique strengths, motivations, and values to accelerate growth, adaptation, and upskilling.

Improved employee self-mastery, collaboration, and initiative

Develop self-mastery by improving your employees’ initiative, collaboration, resilience, learning agility and other super-skills of highly effective people.

Meaningful career development and progression

Empower your employees to thrive in their careers by helping them discover meaningful career goals and pathways, optimize their strengths, and reduce limiting behaviours, attitudes, and beliefs.

A thriving, great place to work and higher employee retention

Build a thriving, high-performing business that attracts and retains world-class talent by providing purposeful work, supportive leadership, positive employee experiences, and meaningful career mobility.

Discover how TalentPredix™ improves hiring, development, and engagement outcomes by watching the video below:
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Become a certified TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner 

Expand your strengths assessment and coaching skills by signing up for our flexible certification training.

After completing our practitioner training, you will be able to use TalentPredix™ to radically improve the way you hire, mobilize, coach and develop people and teams to unlock peak performance and thriving workplaces.

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