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TalentPredix™ Practitioner Refresher Sessions

Paula Baetu

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  • 21/03/2024
  • 09:00am - 12:30pm BST (3 hours 30 mins)

TalentPredix Practitioner Refresher Sessions for the Practitioner Community

This course is specifically designed for certified TalentPredix™ strengths practitioners who have not had many opportunities to practice using TalentPredix™ following their certification and want to refresh their knowledge and skills around using our award-winning assessment system.

In this session, we will answer your questions, share practical insights and tools, teach you how to set up a project, and guide you on how to use and debrief the TalentPredix™ profile.


Who this session is for 

This session is specifically designed for certified TalentPredix™ practitioners who want to further develop their knowledge and skills around using the TalentPredix™ assessment and system. 


What this session covers 

As well as providing you with insights about your talents/strengths, career motivations, and values, this session will cover: 

  • How to use the TalentPredix assessment system (Includes Q&A) 
  • How TalentPredix can be applied in recruitment and selection, learning and development, performance management, career development, building inclusive, thriving teams, and organizational change. 
  • How to use the Talent Profile and debrief others to: 
  • Identifyyour client’s unique strengths, motivations, and values so they can be matched with roles, projects, and career opportunities that bring out the best in them.  
  • Develop and optimize their strengths,motivations, and values to accelerate their success, engagement, and career growth. 
  • Coach others to overcome weaknesses and behaviours that limit their performance. 
  • Elevate your strengths and coaching skills and learn how to use your strengths and individuality to improve your effectiveness. 

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Our next session will be on 21st of March 2024 from 9am-12:30pm GMT.