Achieve exceptional people outcomes with TalentPredix

TalentPredix™, the next generation strengths assessment, transforms people and business outcomes. Our trailblazing assessment reveals the unique strengths, motivations and values that drive peak performance and career success.


Elevate every stage of the employee journey

Whether used on its own or integrated into our bespoke training and development solutions, TalentPredix™ guides smarter hiring and unlocks workforce potential, enhancing people outcomes throughout the employee journey – from recruitment to individual, team, and leadership development. Integrated with our training solutions, it promotes a culture of thriving, inclusivity, and agility.

TalentPredix™ unlocks the combined strengths and potential of your people and delivers:

Talented new hires and employees who fit the role, team, and culture

Greater workplace diversity and inclusivity

Faster learning, adaptation, and upskilling

Improved employee self-mastery, collaboration, and initiative

Meaningful career development and progression

A thriving, great place to work and higher employee retention

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Discover how TalentPredix™ improves hiring, development, and engagement outcomes by watching the video below:
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Discover how TalentPredix™ improves hiring, development, and engagement outcomes by watching the video below:
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Become a TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner and Coach

Earn your TalentPredix™ Strengths Practitioner certification and join a global community of pioneering people professionals, consultants and coaches excelling in strengths-based talent assessment, development, and workplace transformation.

Unlock excellence and future-proof your business

Enhance performance, cultivate thriving workplaces and future-proof your business with our award-winning strengths-based recruitment, development consulting, and coaching services.

Hire Talent

Uncover outstanding, diverse talent ready for success through our precise, positive, and practical assessments, designed to identify strengths, skills, and potential.

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Develop Talent

Boost leadership and employee performance by cultivating a culture of continuous learning and skill-building to achieve excellence and future-proof your organization.

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Optimize Teams

Build peak performing and inclusive teams effective at navigating challenges, adapting to change, and achieving new standards of excellence.

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Advance Talent

Empower employees to leverage their unique strengths, motivations, and aspirations for career success, fostering growth, talent mobility, and retention.

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